Your Body


The simple act of listening to your body, trusting its wisdom and honouring its needs is the first step to finding your natural weight, energy and health.

You are…

Accomplished, Smart & Savvy

Yet you can’t seem to get your health and weight where you’d like it to be, despite your good intentions, and you may even find yourself sabotaging your healthy eating & exercise plans.

Or perhaps your health & wellbeing has had to take a back seat up until now so that you could focus on other areas in your life such as career and/or family, but now you know it is time to make your health a priority and get your body back on track.

…If this is you, I can help.


Every symptom is a messenger, not an enemy to be destroyed. It’s your body’s way of letting you know that something is out of balance, encouraging us to take better care of ourselves.

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Some love from my clients

‘Kate’s programme is tailor-made so that you maximise your own potential - not striving for the unattainable, but having a realistic approach which means that the results and adjustments made to my lifestyle were achievable and permanent. This is of great appeal, because it means that once you embark on this new way of life, it's not an uphill battle, but a journey of self discovery that opens your eyes to a new way of looking after yourself and being in tune with precisely what your body needs.’

Tanya - business owner, mother, 41

I'm feeling good! I'm thinking much more about what I'm putting into my body as opposed just wanting something that I like so I’m being more aware off healthy choices. I'm really pleased that I took part in this and feel both physically and mentally different. (3 week detox programme participant)

Pauline - 48

‘Kate is a great role model, patient and intuitive, and most importantly, rather than a one fits all approach, she pays attention to the specifics of my lifestyle and body so that I get the best results. I’ve lost 4 kgs 😉 and counting. I’m eating healthier, and I love getting advice from Kate like; eat popcorn with cashew butter so you feel fuller faster!’

Georgia - fashion designer, mother 48

‘If you are in need of re-energising yourself, reposturing and reconnecting positively with your own body, then Body Edit is for you! After 18 years of running my own business, travelling extensively, sitting at a desk and on airplanes for too long, I needed the health MOT that Kate’s programme provides. I feel full of energy, more confident in myself and I have new awareness and relationship towards my body…this means I always know how to look after myself well and feel confident that my weight will never be an issue again.

Anne - architect, 61

‘My body feels more fluid and mentally I feel happier, inspired and more energetic! Kate’s personal one-to-one coaching has given me confidence to be more active and fit and look after my body!

India - Mother of two, 37

The Body Edit


Every client is coached on these 5 key elements, because real, long-lasting health can truly only be achieved through taking a holistic approach. However, throughout this process we still honour your personal wants, needs and goals.


Dispel the myths & see food for what it really is.


It’s all about how you move & use your body.


Resolve any blocks, identify triggers & reinforce the positive.


Know your energy systems and create balance.


Simple changes can lead to profound results.